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We now have a voice chat room on Zello app.. http://www.zello.com. Please say hello to admin when online as shown in the above images. You will see a small blue chat box at bottom right.  Select it and say Hello. Also please take some time sometime to enter our chat room at the bottom of the page as shown in the above images (I used usename 'somename' in the 2nd image example). We would love to chat with you. Note that sometimes the chat room may be empty. If you hang out for a while we or someone else may show up. I am, the admin Larry Gray, will be "caverdude" in the chat room. Arksoft will be about software for programmers. This web site will be a rendition of a Java and related Technology support site. Do not take this site to be the authority on these topics, but merely an alternate source of information based on the authors and coauthors opinions. The top menu items lead to categories of post. And the first post on each being an introductory article. So this site for now is mainly a site with informative articles to teach people who are curious or otherwise new and interested in programming and Java. By calling this site "Software for Developers" I am saying that I am targeting programmers and students and not end users. I hope to help the Java community with the following as I have time. And hopefully after the reader finishes my articles they will be inspired to install and try out some of what I have been talking about.

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The goals are simple. We want to keep with the pioneering spirit of the web, with the easy dissemination of free or cheap information and collaboration. We may charge minimal fees as a way to nudge donations to the cause. We may only have time for piecemeal growth. This site will hope to be is a part's store for programmers. Not only for developers who are looking for parts but also for developers that have parts to sell. Though coauthors will be judiciously selected from members who show more interest.  We wanted a place where authors with only short amounts of time for coding might sell their bits and pieces of work. Though there may be room for larger works as well. This site will never be a code repository however. We will only offer source code in documentation and as downloads. Or binaries as downloads. In the beginning at least this site will be dedicated to the Java programming language and other related operating systems or web tech related coding. Later if we see we can branch out to other languages we may. We will have 5 levels of membership. At the beginning nothing is gained by paying but later some content will be accessible only with certain levels of membership. For now Copper free, Bronze $1/mo, Silver $2/mo, Gold $3/mo Platinum $4/mo. If you choose a paid option then you are merely donating for the further development of this site for the time being. You may drop the level of subscription or cancel and any time. Thanks and enjoy. http://www.sitepromotiondirectory.com