Arksoft Podcast Episode 2, What is a Java Application, Class and Object

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In this episode I give you a lot of meat to digest.

  • What is a Java Application
    • I explain how the JVM starts up and loads classes
    • I explain how classes are unloaded.
  • What is a Java Class and how are they Defined
    • I talk about the Class Header and Body and Types of Classes
    • I talk about fields and data types.
    • I talk about Method Header and Body and Types of Methods
    • I talk about constructor Methods and the main method.
    • I talk about Inheritance and Interfaces
    • I talk about Encapsulation and information hiding.
  • What is a Java Object
    • I talk about how to instantiate an Object
    • I forgot to talk about Garbage Collection so that will be in the beginning of the next episode.
    • I talk about casting objects to any of its parent types.
    • I talk about is-a and has-a relationships
    • I talk about pass by value vs pass by reference.
  • What is OOP(Object Oriented Programming) and OOP Design
    • I talk about design patterns
    • I talk about MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern.
    • I talk abut  Singleton design pattern.
    • I talk about good vs bad design
    • I talk about how to begin your app and when you should be concerned about design.
    • I talk about granularity, monolithic vs fine grained approaches.
    • I talk about over designing and how to avoid it.

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